How does Alamo Remedy compare with other brands?

Most imported hemp oil comes from China or Eastern Europe, while we source our hemp from only premier partner farms here in America. It’s not that we don’t like imported hemp oil! It’s that most outside hemp oil don’t meet our strict standards in terms of transparency as to how the hemp is farmed, shipped, processed, and tested.
Alamo Remedy ensures that your hemp is grown on soil containing no harmful chemicals (no pesticides and absolutely 0% lead!). We here at Alamo Remedy ensure that your hemp oil is 100% pure, and use trusted licensed American farms. In the United States, hemp farmers are required to be licensed farmers. This means that both our farms and the seeds used are inspected yearly, ensuring your wellness supplement is sourced from a clean plant, 100% free of harmful chemicals or pesticides.
- Alamo Remedy is the first brand in the hemp industry to offer a risk-free trial. If you decide you don’t like it, no problem! You can return it for a full refund (90 days, no questions asked). No small samples. No gimmick or catch. We let you try the real deal and let you return it and get 100% of your money back, guaranteed!
- Our hemp oils, hemp gummies, and hemp wellness formulations all come with a unique, award-winning flavor as well as world-class blends by renowned herbalists. We make sure that every customer enjoys every aspect of using an Alamo Remedy wellness product. For us, it’s a matter of pride!


Where in the United States does your hemp come from?

Alamo Remedy has partnered with GenCanna™, an industry leader in specialized genetics, agronomic practices, and novel wholesale product formulations. GenCanna utilizes an expert team of in-house developers, scientists, farmers, operators, and botanists to ensure industry leading quality in all their CBD distillate and isolate. All of GenCanna’s products are tested for safety and quality by independent laboratories.
The GenCanna™ Hemp Research Campus (HRC) is located on nearly 150 agricultural acres formerly used by a multi-national tobacco firm as a research facility near Winchester, Kentucky, in the Bluegrass region just outside of beautiful Lexington. And, most importantly to the Alamo Remedy, GenCanna products are of the highest quality and consistency; All GenCanna products are produced in an FDA-registered facility, FDA-inspected, utilizing food-grade, GMP-compliant facilities and tests all products by independent third parties to ensure the highest safety and quality.


Can I take CBD every day?

CBD is safe to use every day. In fact, using CBD consistently maximizes the natural balancing properties in the body and maintains an effective endocannabinoid system.


What are the benefits of Alamo Remedy’s hemp oil?

By pairing hemp grown in the US with a proprietary, cutting-edge engineering process, Alamo Remedy is able to provide the most consistent, pure, premium hemp oil product, guaranteed.


Why offer a 90-day money-back guarantee?

Alamo Remedy understands that hemp oil is a relatively new and foreign product. Alamo Remedy also knows that you are putting a lot of faith in us by placing an order. Alamo Remedy’s #1 goal is to deliver on our promise of quality, affordable products. So we allow you to actually try it before making a decision.
One of the main reasons we built Alamo Remedy is to allow people to access and discover the benefits of alternative wellness solutions with zero strings attached. So that’s why we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, we’ll be happy to help you return it with no questions asked.


How does the 90-day money-back guarantee work?

Our 90-day money-back guarantee works for one product per customer per lifetime. If you purchase more than one product, you will be eligible for the refund of one of those products (and yes, you can refund the most expensive of those products!).
The 90-day period begins on the day you receive your package in the mail. If you are unsatisfied with our product at any time within those first 90 days, please contact us and we will process a full refund for that product within 2 business days.

Please contact our customer service to initiate the return + refund process
Email: support@Alamo