For Texans, By Texans

Alamo Remedy is dedicated to the power of natural healing, fueled by ethically sourced, organic and affordable CBD products. Our collection of Texas made CBD oil tinctures, capsules, lotions and gummies is designed by our experts to ensure that you get the most reliable dosing, the best flavors possible and the healthiest, purest products on the market. This is our promise to you!


Our premium products are Texas manufactured, 100% organically farmed, non-GMO and gluten-free. From personal visits to farms and factories to ensuring our partners comply with the highest food, extraction, packaging and shipping standards, we're passionate about the time and care we put into our CBD wellness products.


Our products are THC free and third-party lab tested. We do this for two reasons:

  1. To ensure that your cannabinoid-infused product has the purest concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids
  2. To maintain the highest-quality, consistent product on the market.


Unlike other value brands that only contain one-fifth of the CBD potency as Alamo Remedy, you can trust that our CBD products are both affordable and effective. Priced at only $17.99 for 250 MG, try us risk free with our 100%, 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like our product for any reason whatsoever, simply send it back to us and we will refund your purchase, zero questions asked.


About the Alamo Remedy Family

Alamo Remedy was created to bring industry-leading standards and experience into producing cannabinoid-infused products for Texas consumers. The company was founded by two Texan natives who saw the need for reliable, ethically sourced CBD products. Thus, Alamo Remedy was born. Our core values as a company aim to give back to the residents of Texas. Not only do we donate a partial of sales to various Texas-based charities and NGOs, but we also pledge to support various organizations that educate the public about hemp (e.g., Texas NORMLl and Texas for Responsible Marijuana Policy). We are passionate about what we do, and know that a little bit of knowledge goes a long way towards dispelling the darkness of ignorance that has surrounded cannabinoid-infused products. 

Alamo Remedy's Vision

"To provide the highest-quality, most ethically-sourced CBD products in the world for every person in the world.”

Alamo Remedy's Mission

"To create the best CBD products, help the most people, and use business toinspire and implement solutions for Texans."